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The Toronto Suzuki Studio is a not-for-profit community music school that was founded in 2002 by May Ing, Shoshannah Meszen and Penelope Dale. Its focus is to promote the educational philosophy and teachings of Shinichi Suzuki as well as develop a sense of community and collaboration in the joy of music making.  

Our curriculum consists of private lessons and group classes on the violin and cello. Private lessons occur on a weekly basis, and group classes happen by-weekly on Sunday afternoons. Our groups class curriculum consists of review of songs in the Suzuki books, repetition of skills being developed at each level, note reading in small orchestras, improvisation, theory and beginner/intermediate parent classes. 

Parental involvement and interaction is an integral and important part of our program and community. Our parents volunteer in helping in the running of group classes as well as the organization of our summer camp at Camp Noronto, which occurs for a week at the end of August. 

By fostering close collaboration between parents, students and teachers, the studio aspires to build the love of music, self -confidence, discipline, good work habits and excellent achievement in every student, young and old.

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